Why You Need a Canoe

I sit here on Sunday morning deciding what to write about in this post and still considering where to take this blog a light bulb dimly flickers above my head, can you picture it? I’ve kind of been at a stall and want to make sure that when I write it is at least a little intriguing and gives my readers something to think about when they get through one of my posts, and I am trying to be more active…..dam writer’s block? Can an amateur blogger claim this? Oh, well, I am.

Galipo Falls in Algonquin Park

Now I’ll tell you why everyone needs a canoe or travel by one at least once in their lives and it won’t take long. Just take a look at the short video I have posted, now the only way to get to it is by canoe, then a hike. Try telling me it doesn’t look worth a little effort. This is but one extremely small sites I have seen this year, made able by my canoes, from fishing to exploring it is easily my favourite mode of transportation.

These are some of the pictures I took on my latest outing that was in the Rock Lake area of Algonquin Park, just a beautiful spot. The more remote area’s can only be accessed by, you guessed it, canoe! So, if you’re a regular reader of mine you might be asking what does this have to do with Cancer? Well let me tell ya.

It’s a type of travel that forces me to slow down, to pay absolute attention to my environment around me. Whether the conditions are calm and beautiful and your slowly making way down a meandering river, able to relax and breath in all its beauty. Or out on a lake with a driving wind and two foot swells, gripping the paddle for dear life, blood pumping as you navigate towards safety shore.(which did happen to a friend and myself this year). Its focus, and it’s that focus I desire when I’m out and I love it. It takes away all my thoughts that constantly plague me about my diagnosis, even if it’s for just five minutes or five hours. Craving for adventure and I think that knowing one day it will be taken from me, helps me realize how important small things can be. If you give it a try once I promise you won’t be disappointed and probably hooked, like it was.

Above are my canoes, as you’ve all seem before, but you’ll notice they now have names. I’m pretty sure I haven’t blogged about this, but I do have a brain fog like memory somedays, not an excuse it’s an actual symptom of Cancer. My red canoe is named “Joe” after my grandfather, well because it was his before I kind of inherited it after my Aunt Nancy helped me find it in an old barn and that itself is another story. It’s a tandem, 60lbs and he’s a super reliable and stable craft in the water, tough as nails.

The other white canoe is “Joy” named after my grandmother, I guess that makes sense. She’s 30lbs and much faster, but not as stable in the big water, requires a bit more skill I think, especially when on a longer trip. She also brings me a lot of, well, joy, so it was an easy naming process really and a cool way to remember two people who were very important in my life.

Only by canoe

So getting back to the title, if you’re looking to recharge, have a little adventure or get out on some crown land and go some real exploring don’t wait too long. Trust me, when I was told I had limited time left here I told myself I would try and slow things down. It’s a lot easier said then done, time has continued to fly by, but when I’m out in my canoe(s) I seem to have better control of time, slow down and take some pictures and video of these beautiful places, along with snapshots with my mind, so they cab be locked away for safe-keeping when I need them someday.


Get out there a rent or borrow a canoe, you will have the best, relaxing and maybe even blood pumping trip ever and one thing is for sure, you’ll remember it forever. Hey, if you need some company I just might be available. Unless I’m off on a solo journey. Don’t let time or obstacles get in your way, whether it’s sickness or another type of impairment, a trip on the water can only heal the soul, in my opinion. Cheers!


11 thoughts on “Why You Need a Canoe

  1. Joe & Joy ❤️

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  2. Words well spoken Steve being in a canoe is something special. I look forward to see all of your videos and pictures from your trips. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thanks Cap Morgan, I have a lot more video and it’s being edited. Tracy and I will be launching a you tube channel hopefully in a couple months


  3. Thank you for sharing your insight about canoeing and battling cancer! It’s encouraging and hopeful. Have a blessed start to a new week and take care.

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    1. Thanks so much for the positive comment, hope you are well and have a great week as well!


      1. You’re welcome! Hope your spirits stay strong and body well. God bless you and your family.
        Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween. 🙂

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  4. Lovely pics. Nice names you’ve given your canoes, lol. I’m sold on the idea! Now I just need to find a place I can use them in, being in the city and all. Thanks for this awesome post, Stephen!

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    1. That’s great. I can drive up to 6 to 10 hours to get to where I want to go, but I can also find a small pond or river near home. Water is closer then you think and you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for the positive feedback. Hope you keep following along


  5. Inspiring

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    1. Thanks Bonnie, happy your following along


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